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The Ultimate Thrivecart Review


When it comes to shopping cart platforms, ThriveCart stands out from the crowd. With a whooping 88%  of online shopping carts abandoned, ensuring your clients complete their purchases is no simple task. This is where ThriveCart, a sales cart solution, comes in. It guarantees to aid online business owners in reducing cart abandonment rate and boosting revenues.

But does it deliver on its promises? Let’s find out!

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Thrivecart?
  2. ThriveCart’s Function
  3. Who Should Use ThriveCart?
  4. Thrivecart’s Pricing
  5. Thrivecart Templates
  6. Thrivecart Pros And Cons
  7. Does It Integrate With Other Software? 
  8. FAQs About ThriveCart’s
  9. How Can Metricks Help You

What Is Thrivecart?

ThriveCart is retail cart software that allows you to sell physical and digital items more successfully. With ThriveCart, it’s simple to design eye-catching checkout pages, upsell consumers on extra offers, and increase the income from your product sales.

Ever since the company’s founding in 2016, ThriveCart has developed into one of the most well-liked shopping cart alternatives for authors and owners of e-commerce stores.

ThriveCart’s Function


Thrivecart was created with two objectives in mind. The first is to maximize each sale you make. While its second aim is to minimize cart abandonment and checkout page bounce rate. If you’re unfamiliar with cart platforms, you should know that they make it easier for you to sell goods and services on your website, and customers can check out without ever leaving the website they are on.

Besides helping you sell, ThriveCart helps convert more prospects from the checkout page. Its two-step checkout process gathers client data. Also, it does this by including email addresses ‌you can add to your mailing list. Thrivecart has a ton of functions,. However, its primary applications are‌:

  • It builds checkout pages that convert well.
  • It generates lead via two-step shopping carts.
  • It creates one-click upsells and bump offers.
  • Controls recurring subscriptions.
  • Creates pop-up and embeddable cart pages.

1. Builds Checkout Pages That Convert Well

The checkout pages of Thrivecart ‌reduces the cart abandonment rate. They have excellent conversion optimization. 

Developing a checkout page is simple. The platform offers various templates that have been optimized for customisation. Fortunately, it is all required to develop checkout pages that convert well. And you do not need to know how to code. 

In addition, the inbuilt A/B testing tool handles the strong conversion rate of Thrivecart’s checkout pages. This tool allows you to view the metrics for each checkout page and select the one that is performing well. 

Also, each page you build has the option to undergo a split test, and this knowledge enables you to publish the pages that have the best chance of attracting leads and making sales.

2. Generates Leads Via Two-Step Shopping Carts

Your website becomes a robust e-commerce platform with lead generation features, thanks to ThriveCart. 

Always keep in mind that there are two times as much value if you can both get useful consumer information and sell. Even though the buyer leaves their shoppintopg cart empty, you can still redirect them by sending email notifications or offering other incentives.


That’s why ‌the multi-step checkout process on ThriveCart is so helpful. With a one-step shopping cart, the buyer only pays and then departs. On the other hand, a two-step shopping cart gathers certain data before they finish the transaction, including their name, mobile number, delivery address, or email id. 

They help in re-targeting visitors with suggestions based on their most recent purchase, even after they leave your site. By doing this constantly, even when they abandon the cart, you can create a substantial subscriber list only from your checkout pages.

3. Creates One-Click Upsells And Bump Offers

Upsells is a sales strategy that persuades clients to spend more money on a product by offering them an updated or more pricey version. A skilled salesperson will attempt to raise the sale’s worth once the customer is prepared to spend. This is done when you recommend a related item at a cheaper price. Thrivecart gives you the perfect tools to achieve that. 

To raise the value of each sale, you may include a one-click offer or upsell on the final checkout page. Customers don’t go to the product page after clicking the offer. Instead, it adds to their shopping cart. 

This is an efficient approach to market-related or similar items after each transaction. Thus, you may enhance sales from your current customer base by using upsells and bump offers.

4. Controls Recurring Subscriptions

One of Thrivecart’s biggest features is its support for recurring payments. It enables you to sell your periodic membership options and even makes it easier to categorize them according to plan. 

In addition, it offers you the option of rebilling daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. And you can automate the entire process using email autoresponders.

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Thrivecart begins an automatic workflow using the autoresponders you choose when you sell a subscription-based service or product. So, all you need to do is to mark the workflow with the ‌tags for easier recognition. 

Customers are automatically divided into groups in the customer management area based on how much they are invoiced daily/monthly/annually. This makes it simple to identify clients in various plans.

5. Creates Pop-Up And Embeddable Cart Pages

ThriveCart allows you to integrate a checkout page everywhere on your site, irrespective of your web host. You can accomplish this by putting a bit of code provided by ThriveCart onto the prefered webpage. 

Also, you may have an ever-present checkout page button that hovers over other sites. And when clicked, it brings up the shopping cart. 

Customers may add products to their shopping cart without leaving the page they’re on. Bloggers will appreciate this feature since it keeps visitors on the website as they add items to their shopping cart. 

Furthermore, digital entrepreneurs can advertise and sell items without sending users to third-party checkout pages.

Who Should Use ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is great for new businesses who need to have an eCommerce site up and operating quickly. It’s also appropriate for entrepreneurs on a tight budget who are bootstrapping their firm.

Today, ThriveCart’s target market consists of small to medium-sized eCommerce business owners.

Thrivecart’s Pricing


ThriveCart has two price structures. The first pricing plan is Standard. The standard plan costs $495.00 and includes infinite checkout pages, 1-click upsell and bump offer capabilities, A/B testing, extensive data, and much more. 

On the other hand, the second plan is called the PRO. It costs $690.00 and comes with an in-built affiliate centre, a sales tax calculator, extensive user administration, and custom domain features. 

However, the Standard plan is ideal for people new to online sales, and meanwhile, the PRO price plan is ideal for anyone who sells large quantities.

Features Of ThriveCart Standard Plan – $495.00


The features include;

  • Sales funnel builder.
  • Two-step carts.
  • A/B testing.
  • An amazing affiliate program.
  • One-click upsells and bumps offers and many more!.

Features Of ThriveCart Pro Plan – $690.00

The ThriveCart PRO package costs $690.00 in addition to the Standard ThriveCart plan. Aside from the standard Thrive Cart functionality, you’ll also get the following extras at that price:

  • Automatic sales tax calculation.
  • Intelligent business projections.
  • Powerful affiliate & JV functionality.
  • Custom domain functionality.

Difference Between ThriveCart’s Pricing Plan – Standard Vs Pro

The Standard and Pro ThriveCart programs are one-time payments, and the ThriveCart Standard package includes all of the most essential payment processors. Also, it comprises almost all the features you’ll need for your checkout page functionality.

Furthermore, for an additional $195.00, you can receive more sophisticated features like intelligent saves functionality, an integrated affiliate platform, and extensive user administration with the ThriveCart PRO price plan.

Thrivecart Templates


ThriveCart’s four high-converting cart layouts have been rigorously tested and shown to increase conversions. You may tailor them to your business and the things you sell. However, even for non-tech knowledgeable persons, this may be accomplished swiftly with a few mouse clicks.

Although the possibilities are minimal for the time being, the ThriveCart team is working to expand the cart’s templates and customization options. 

There are four different design templates available. There are several methods to display your shopping cart. But it depends on the type of goods and pricing point:

  • Standard: This is the standard order form page, which works well for large-ticket products.
  • Sales Cart: This page combines a landing page with a shopping cart.
  • Embeddable: ThriveCart integration allows you to add this to any existing page using the embed function.
  • Popup: A button-click popup order form that is ideal for low-ticket or impulsive purchases.

It’s worth noting that the four cart design templates correspond to quite varied checkout behaviours. For example, if you wish to use ThriveCart’s one-step checkout, you must select the first template. 

Also, if you want a pop-up checkout page so that visitors may checkout directly on your website’s sales page (rather than being sent to Thrivecart’s hosted cart), you must select the final template and so on.

The templates can, of course, be altered, but this only affects the page’s contents, not how the checkout page looks. ThriveCart’s checkout and cart pages, styles, and layouts are completely mobile-friendly. In addition to being designed to psychologically engage with consumers.

Fully Customizable Designs

One thing to remember here is that, while you are “stuck” with the cart designs, you may completely alter the overall appearance of your real checkout pages. 

That is, you must leave the templated portions alone, but you can add images/buttons and change the text and colors on the page itself. This is vital to grasp since it will help you to develop a page that is consistent with your brand and will lessen conversions.

ThriveCart Affiliate Program


It allows you to increase product sales by employing affiliate marketers. The benefit of such a method is its consistency in producing warm leads and the fact that payouts are centred on commissions. 

ThriveCart’s affiliate management area lets you manage this and many more settings. In reality, this is where all of the magic happens, from creating affiliate programs to monitoring affiliate marketers. 

ThriveCart does not limit your possibilities despite its streamlined layout. You may proceed with the development of a strong affiliate system, as well as the associated parameters, to meet your chosen recruiting and payment structures.

When it comes to commission systems, for example, ThriveCart provides several configurable choices for setting payment frequency as well as affiliate compensation schemes. 

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You might accept a predetermined commission fee or a reasonable proportion of the product’s sale price. Alternatively, unique prices for particular affiliate partners are also an option.

Thrivecart Pros And Cons

ThriveCart is known for various factors. It provides one of the greatest shopping cart experiences and often introduces new features. Of course, ThriveCart has its disadvantages, just like any other piece of software. Several of this software’s benefits and drawbacks are listed below.

ThriveCart Pros

  • User-friendly Design: ThriveCart’s design is simple and intuitive even for new users. The tool may be used without any coding or technical expertise.
  • Its granular coupon management gives control over discounts and coupons.
  • Numerous Integrations: The software is compatible with all significant payment gateways.
  • They feature built-in capabilities for setting up affiliates to sell your product.
  • Thorough Documentation: To cover all possible concerns, ThriveCart includes a library consisting of extensive support articles, how-to tutorials, and others.
  • Simple Reporting: ThriveCart delivers an easy-to-use reporting dashboard with powerful filters that provides in-depth information to increase your marketing outcomes.

ThriveCart Cons

  • It doesn’t accept cryptocurrency payments.
  • Limited templates.
  • In the event of an emergency, ThriveCart does not provide live chat or phone help.
  • Uncustomizable features.
  • Not ideal for selling tangible goods: If your company offers a variety of physical goods, this is not your greatest choice.
  • Unsuitable for selling services: The platform is not intended for selling services, although it is feasible to make it work if you want to.

Does It Integrate With Other Software? 

Yes, ThriveCart integrates with many software. 

  • PayPal.
  • Wishlist.
  • Opay.
  • Demio.
  • MemberMouse.
  • Digital Access Pass.
  • Wishlist Member. 
  • Paid Memberships Pro.
  • Teachable.
  • Infusionsoft.
  • Stripe.
  • AWeber.
  • ShipStation.
  • ConvertKit.
  • Kunakidaily.
  • Zapier and many more!.

FAQs About ThriveCart’s

Is ThriveCart and Thrive Themes the same thing?

No, they are entirely independent businesses and goods. Irrespective of the similarity in names, the firms are entirely distinct. And Thrive themes have no association with ThriveCart other than as an integration partner.

Is It A Stand-Alone Product? Will It Be Able To Replace Products Such As Clickfunnels, WordPress, And Others?

ThriveCart does not provide the same front-end capabilities as other software such as Clickfunnels, Kartra, or SamCart. ThriveCart is an option for affiliate management software such as Backpack, but it is not a complete replacement for solutions such as Clickfunnels.

Does ThriveCart Manage Affiliates? 

Sure! ThriveCart Pro includes an affiliate platform to assist you in managing many affiliate projects daily.

How Can Metricks Help You

1. Stress-free Affiliate Program

2. Free Trial

3. Fraud Prevention

4. Automated Payment System



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