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This Or That: Metricks Vs Affise


Do you want to discover the differences between Metricks vs Affise, or are you seeking a new SaaS affiliate platform in pursuit of enhanced features?

In any case, reading our comparison between Metricks vs Affise is worthwhile. This is because it includes include what you are searching for. 

However, before we go into the finer details of both, note that they are for Saas and eCommerce. As a result, both software was designed with every element in mind. The reason is to build and manage ad campaigns effectively.

That said, what are the differences between Metricks vs Affise? This article will ease your stress by providing a detailed comparison. Also, we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of Metricks vs Tapfiliate. 

But before we delve in, read this detailed guide to affiliate marketing.

Metricks vs Affise: A Close Review


What Is Metricks Affiliate Tracking Software?

Metricks is one of the most trustworthy and comprehensive affiliate tracking software. And it is an excellent tool for affiliate managers. It allows them to launch and manage their program from a single location. They can track affiliate performance and inspire them with features like rewards. 

Furthermore, they may observe which initiatives are functioning well and which need improvement. Also, it is beneficial to marketers. This allows them to track how many clicks their advertisements receive. And affiliates can check how much money they earn from each campaign.

For a better understanding, see an ultimate review of Metricks affiliate software. 

What Is Affise Affiliate Tracking Software?

Affise is yet another affiliate marketing tracking software. This tool can track, manage, and optimize online ad campaigns in real time. Its primary goal is to make the fundamental procedures of advertising easy. Also, it helps marketers and companies to manage CPA campaigns more simpler. 

Users may increase their incomes and profit from incredible returns on their investments. You can integrate and automate your workflows for conversions and affiliates using Affise.

Metricks vs Affise


Evidently, Affise and Metricks are similar software. Both solutions offer the tools needed to track of your affiliate marketing campaign. Though, each platform was made with a very specific aim in mind. Thus, they have many unique and related characteristics.

However, Metricks’ software has top-notch features and scalable design. Thus, we are confident that you will share their current customers’ satisfaction! But we’ll let you choose if Metricks or Affise is the finest affiliate platform for your business. In light of this, it’s best to contrast Metricks vs Affise in-depth.

Benefits Of Metricks Affiliate Tracking Software


1. Simple Launch

With Metricks, creating an affiliate program is easy. Simply integrate your website with Metricks and launch your affiliate program. Plus, you can have your program set up in about five minutes. After doing this, you can start incorporating affiliates and implementing your affiliate program.

Also, if you are not in a hurry, you can set up welcome messages for your affiliates. So, when members sign up, they will have an excellent onboarding process. Plus, they will feel enticed to promote right away!

2. Leading Affiliate Tracking Features

Metricks affiliate tracking offers many features for a successful campaign. With the help of a platform, you may store and manage your advertising resources.

Also, your affiliates could then share them from their affiliate accounts. They can do this with Metricks’ one-tick social sharing feature. 


Its fraud detection tool ensures that every affiliate conversion is real. It ensures it comes from real purchases without the possibility of dishonest trades. 

3. A Branded Experience

Using affiliate programs may help improve brands by enhancing your program. Branding is now an essential component of any business. Hence, Metricks gives you access to customize your dashboard according to your brand. 

Affiliates will spread your products and business all over the internet. Though their efforts may not yield sales, you’ll get brand recognition and connection. 

4. Custom Commission Structure

The software’s flexibility allows for a wide range of commission settings. For instance, you may choose to pay affiliates automatically or manually.

You might even need to provide them with recurring commissions for membership-based products. Besides, the platform allows you to decide when and how to pay your affiliates.

Likewise, you can manage your affiliate program to benefit both you and your network.

5. Integrates With Other Platforms

Metricks integrate with top eCommerce platforms. This enables brands to connect the platform with their website. Some of these platforms are Ecwid, Prestashop, Lightspeed, Woocommerce, Wix, Stripe, Magento, Mailchimp, Paddle, Paypal, WordPress, Squarespace, Cratejoy, and many more. 

Features: Metricks vs Affise


Features Of Metricks Affiliate Tracking Software

  • Built-in fraud detection and prevention
  • Upload creative assets
  • Customize affiliate onboarding
  • Use API to monitor certain events during your transaction
  • Manage URLs
  • Customize affiliate payout 
  • Seamless integration without technical know-how
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-level marketing 

Features Of Affise Affiliate Tracking Software

  • Account Control
  • Audit History
  • Billing for Affiliates
  • Event Tracking
  • Complete API Support
  • Custom domains tracking
  • Custom Report Calculations
  • Deep Targeting

Pros Of Metricks

  • You can track affiliates’ earnings and their conversion rate.
  • Most users attest to Metricks simple and friendly UI.
  • They offer referral income and promotional resources to help you expand your program.
  • You can launch an affiliate program within five minutes.
  • The software is highly intuitive and customizable
  • There’s a free trial for 14 days


  • Its free trial ends after 14 days.

Pros Of Affise

  • It does not impose a traffic fee (you do not pay for clicks)
  • Its interface is user-friendly
  • Customizable costs, limitations, and other targeting choices


  • Statistic reports tend to be brief.
  • limited feed frequency
  • Inadequate bug support

Why Choose Metricks?


1. Seamless Integration

Starting is easy because it has the right integrated payment processors and eCommerce. Stripe, Shopify, and WooCommerce are just a few of the available connectors. Plus, there is information provided to make installation as simple as possible.

2. Responsive Dashboard And Comprehensive Reporting

You can view affiliate marketing reports in detail using the user-friendly dashboard. Create multiple reports for your affiliate program. Create it based on the campaign, affiliate, conversions, and clicks. Also, you may export all of your data as CSV.

3. Post-Purchase Widget

With this feature, you can invite your customer to work as your brand’s affiliate. This can be done with just a few clicks. It has a higher impact than traditional marketing and may help you develop your brand better.

4. Excellent Support

Metricks has a 99% customer satisfaction. This is because its customer service works all-round the clock. Thus, it provides quick responses to customers. It is simple to contact them via live chat on their website, and they answer immediately.

5. Go Social

You have complete control over the affiliate program. Find affiliates and organize campaigns to grow your business. You may locate affiliates through social media or the internet by using Metricks. What’s more, you can encourage affiliates by offering coupons. 

6. Custom Payouts

You are left to decide your payout option. Whatever alternative you choose, Metricks ease you off the stress by helping you to automate the process. So, you can pay affiliates using any of the built-in software; Stripe, Paddle, and Paypal. 

7. Free 14-day Trial

The free 14-day trial allows you to try out the features. Cancellation is possible within 14 days.

Final Thoughts on Metricks vs Affise

Though there are many affiliate tracking software, not all are equal. Some affiliate software has more features than others. Whereas, others are outdated and more challenging to use.

Overall, Metricks is a fantastic affiliate marketing platform. The reason is that it provides a diverse set of features and connectors. And this makes it simple to connect to other platforms and automate the process. Our onboarding process is simple to use. Therefore, affiliates may begin advertising your company right immediately. 

However, if you need help monitoring conversions, we have you covered! Metricks is a great option if you need an affiliate platform with excellent features. Yet, it is simple enough for anybody to use. In fact, Metricks is definitely worth checking out. 



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