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Tasks Tracking Software: What It Is & Why You Need It


Do you own an agency that depends on various online tools and your memory to manage tasks? Have you ever dealt with poor job performance and missed deadlines? Then you need the best tasks tracking software. 

Managing tasks isn’t easy without a guaranteed way to organize your information and help your team work together.

Also, tracking your task throughout its lifecycle is essential to reaching your goal. In this article, we will look into tasks tracking software, its features, and its importance. 

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What Is Task Tracking?


In simple terms, task tracking is the practice of tracking a job throughout its lifespan. It entails work planning, estimating, and scheduling. Not just that, it includes monitoring dependencies and milestones. 

What Are Tasks Tracking Software?


Task management software is designed to simplify the task management process. It provides employees and managers with a clear picture of what has to be done. Also, it states who the task is intended for. This is more than a to-do list. 

Tasks tracking software are sometimes called tasks management software. It enables online task management. Thus, ensuring that workers perform and complete each job on time. Users of tasks tracking software are employees, teams, or organizations. 

Using a task management application provides a platform for coordinating several projects. This includes day-to-day activities. Also, it aids team cooperation by assigning each work to someone with a specific deadline. With this, everyone understands what they need to complete and which tasks to focus on.

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Now that you know about tasks management software, let’s discuss some of its features.

Key Features Of Tasks Tracking Software


1. Alerts And Notifications

Tasks tracking software notify users of future deadlines and approvals that need attention. Most task management software uses various communication techniques. These include;

  • Task reminder emails
  • Alerts through the app icon
  • Messages sent by text
  • Notifications for mobile apps on the home screen
  • Built-in app reminders 

The features above help people recall that they have tasks with due dates. Or that they have obligations to task owners. In addition, they increase the rate of productivity.

2. Integrations

In our digital environment, app integrations guarantee that priorities match and we finish on time. Many tasks tracking software integrate with other valuable software tools. And they aid in team communication. Plus, they remind users of outstanding work and enable data sharing.

3. Reporting

Reporting dashboards help users track their productivity throughout projects. This is useful for project managers because finished jobs often disappear from lists.

Besides, dashboards for analytics can show progress toward the overall aim. You can also compare the day’s job performance to historical or team statistics.

4. Tools For Task Visualization

The most basic tasks management software keeps a list of jobs to perform. And you can reproduce this in spreadsheets or on paper.

To provide value, many task management software includes various visualization options. These help teams analyze the progress of a project.

5. Automation And Workflows

Automation and workflow features operate on a trigger-and-response basis. First, the user will select a trigger in the app. For instance, a task moves from the “working” to the “in review” stage. And an action that will execute when the trigger is met. 

Then, the item forwards to a manager for approval. When you add the automation tag to an item, the tasks management software alerts the manager when it’s ready for review.

Importance Of Task Tracking Software 

  • It improves members’ results and productivity.
  • It permits immediate approval of information. Also, it allows for efficient communication among team members.
  • Tasks tracking software certifies group members. Plus, it makes them accomplish a task with speed and accuracy.
  • It minimizes operational hazards and increases work consistency in carrying out duties.
  • It enhances job automation. And this speeds up performance and strategy creation.

Common Examples Of Tasks Management Software


1. Asana 


Asana is one of the most prominent tasks tracking software available. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Also, this task management software offers an offline option. It lets you update your tasks offline and sync once you’re back online.

In addition, Asana integrates with many third-party integrations like Zapier, and Hubstaff. 

Key Features

  • Team collaboration & conversation
  • Task tracking 
  • Document Management
  • List, Kanban, Gantt, and Calendar Views (depends on the subscription)
  • Subtask checklists
  • Drag & drop feature
  • Data export
  • Shared/private access
  • Task analytics & forms (depends on the subscription)
  • Mobile app
  • Third-Party integrations (Slack, Zapier, Hubstaff, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.)

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2. Trello 


Trello is a visual task-tracking software. It has a large freemium plan for most solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. Trello tasks tracking software in the Kanban style allows you to organize a project on the project board.

A Trello card allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and add descriptions to each job. Trello’s famous drag-and-drop Kanban board makes it simple to move cards around by category. Trello’s calendar view also allows users to view task deadlines.

Key Features

  • Task tracking
  • Task triggers
  • Kanban boards & calendar view
  • Board Collections
  • Scheduled commands
  • Custom board backgrounds
  • File uploading

3. ClickUp 


ClickUp is one of the tasks tracking software with an all-in-one productivity mechanism. It’s for teams of all kinds across any industry.  ClickUp has loads of features you won’t find in many task management software. It is a rare tool that lets you navigate between views on the same task. 

Customers like ClickUp because it works well for personal and professional tasks. Also, it has a broad collection of features that allow them to modify everything.

Key Features

  • Task management
  • Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, To-Do List, Notepad, Form, Activity
  • Time tracking
  • Templates
  • Custom task statuses & custom fields
  • Custom views 
  • Unlimited users
  • Portfolios
  • Goals



When came on board, it was a rising star in corporate tasks tracking. But today, it appears that some people feel it’s complicated.’s interface looks like a worksheet. But it has many more elements that make it more useful and exciting than a simple spreadsheet. Time tracking, automated alerts, dependencies, timeline views, and connectors are among the standard productivity elements. And they provide a solid foundation for task management.

It provides various templates and uses cases. These will help you begin. And, if you have the necessary skill set, offers a flexible alternative for building apps that you may adapt to your own needs. They include internal tools and data analytics.

Key Features

  • Capacity management
  • Task tracking 
  • Reporting/project tracking
  • Resource scheduling
  • Collaboration tools
  • Drag & drop function
  • Forecasting
  • Skills tracking
  • Utilization reporting
  • Mobile app
  • Task automation
  • Search/filter
  • 30-Day file recovery

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Final Thoughts On Taskk Tracking Software

So, this article comprises all you need to know about tasks tracking software. But before choosing the best task management for your project, you may test the examples above.

However, every project has a particular set of requirements, and all tasks tracking software have the same overall objective. As a result, they make everything much easier to do.

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