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Social Media Marketing Mistakes: What Not To Do


If you’re not getting the results you’d like from your campaign, you’re committing expensive social media marketing mistakes.

You may ruin your brand and lose out on revenue if you make too many social media marketing mistakes. By fixing them, you may increase the return on your work on promoting your company on social media sites like Instagram.

The good news? We’ve listed some of the most common marketing mistakes on social media. 

Even better, we’ll offer the solutions that may help you stop making them. 

Let’s get to it!

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Table of Contents

What Is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?


Social media marketing uses social media applications to promote goods and services. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. And they allow businesses to interact with their target market.

Also, it helps develop a brand, boost sales, increase web traffic, and build followers. These followers will then share and engage with the content they see.

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In addition, social media marketing (SMM) contains data analytics features. These are specifically designed to help marketers track the effectiveness of their campaigns. Plus, it helps them find new opportunities for interaction. However, there are mistakes to avoid when marketing your business on social media. 

Now that you know the meaning of SMM, what are some common social media marketing mistakes business make?

Social media marketing mistakes are errors you make during a social media campaign. There are so many social media marketing mistakes marketers make online.

And if we are to mention all the errors in detail, we will spend the entire day here. Instead, we will focus on the ten most common social media marketing mistakes to avoid and fix. 

10 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid And Fix


Here is a short rundown of the social media marketing mistakes; 

1. Not having a social media marketing plan

2. Ignoring analysis

3. Posting stories carelessly

4. Poor engagement

5. Being impersonal

6. Stretching yourself too thin

7. Old content

8. Avoiding criticism 

9. Using offensive words

10. Acting like bots

Social media users may be harsh. So, if you continue to make the same error, your followers may decline continuously. Let’s explain the most common mistakes in social media marketing include; 

1. Not Having a Social Media Marketing Plan

You must tackle your social media marketing plan the same way you approach your specialty, product, and audience. Your brand may be one of those that operate without a sound social media marketing plan. 

So you choose to sign up for the social network. You create profiles and fill them with data. Then you post great content to get attention and vanish. After a few weeks following your “great” debut, your page becomes dry. 

Thus, it will leave your followers wondering what they are doing there. Some may even ask questions and receive no answers. As a result, your social media presence quickly degrades into a failure!

To avoid costly social media marketing mistakes, create a strategy. Your strategy should help boost your online visibility rather than decrease it. 

  • What do you want to achieve through social media? 
  • Do you aim to increase your likes and followers? Why?
  • Do you want to develop a fresh supply of sales leads? 
  • Is your plan to increase the authority of your brand

You won’t achieve your aim if you don’t know what it is. So, all social media marketing plan needs an audience, goals, and the right team.

2. Ignoring Analysis

Ignoring analysis is one of the mistakes to avoid when marketing your business on social media. Without analysis, businesses can’t succeed in the modern day. “You need to study the data to know what steps to take or what kinds of strategies might be successful” – Ryan

Fortunately, accessing data is now much easier than it ever was. Today, you can get the information you need faster and easier. All you have to do is look for the proper tools. Researchers have conducted many studies. Not only that, many tools are available that can provide you with real-time data on your performance. 

For instance, Facebook has an “Insights” section for pages. It provides a range of statistics on the effectiveness of posts on a specific page. Plus, it has various third-party tools to test the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Metricks is one tool that helps affiliate marketers track their performances.

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3. Posting Stories Carelessly


One of the common mistakes in social media marketing is careless posting. Remember that what you post on social media impacts how others see your firm. When you post a story on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms, create a good impression. By this, your audience will remain engaged and want to return for more. 

You do not want to send your viewers a bad message. Hence, ask yourself significant questions before sharing your stories:

  • How compelling is my story?
  • Does it interest my readers in any way?
  • Do all my posts sound salesy? 

When someone chooses to follow your page, they expect something worthwhile. So, do not limit your marketing to your business’s services and goods.

Instead, publish an interesting article on your blog. Make your social media posting relatable and conversation-worthy. 

For instance, you might create a post about a subject relevant to your niche. Then, you can then share a link to it on your Facebook page with a unique call to action. You might also provide engaging “behind the scenes” experiences. It will give your clients a chance to know your company more in-depth.

4. Poor Engagement

What mistakes do businesses make when using social media marketing? Poor engagement!

Often, people make updates but don’t take part in conversations. Having low interactions with your audience is one of the social media marketing mistakes to avoid and fix. This is because it demeans your social media presence. Also, it prevents you from forging lasting relationships with them. 

Social media may be used as a space for advertisement. But it is all about participation and dialogue.

5. Being Impersonal

What mistakes do businesses make when using social media marketing? Being impersonal! You read that clearly. 

Most businesses use autoresponders to hasten the process of responding to followers or potential customers. This is one of the common social media marketing mistakes that businesses make while setting up social media accounts. “Customers want to feel as though they are speaking with someone who cares. They want a brand that understands their problems, inquiries, and needs” – Akshay.

Therefore, it is crucial to connect with clients on a human level. You can directly respond to client issues if you run a small business. But if you run a bigger business, you might want to spend money on a decent chatbot. It will respond to customers like an expert yet in a personalized way.

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6. Stretching Yourself Too Thin

You have created Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. Ello… Uh-huh… What?

Spending adequate time and effort to engage your followers is the key to gaining a good return on investment from your social media marketing. You cannot keep up with so many sites unless you have a devoted social media team of employees.

So avoid managing too many social media accounts at once. Instead, focus on one or two platforms. You will receive better feedback from your followers when you restrict your social interactions to focus on your engagement efforts.

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7. Old Content


Customers in their twenties are the most loyal to brands. Also, they are the largest generation in America. If you hope to win over millennials and others, prove you are worth following. 

Ensure you post regular content that will keep your followers engaged. It will, in turn, increase the rate of customer satisfaction. So, share relevant items on your business blog, if you have one. If they are timeless and still relevant, it doesn’t matter if they are older. Don’t write about the tax code from 2008 because it’s already outdated.

8. Avoiding Criticism

People will always have negative things to say no matter what you do. Many businesses always ignore it, but you shouldn’t do such. Accept the wrong feedback instead, and then answer thoughtfully. If someone posts a negative comment on one post, do not act like you didn’t see it. 

Instead, appreciate them for bringing up the specific issue they are experiencing. But do this in a polite and professional manner. Many businesses handle customer service on social media with wisdom. You become open and honest with your customers and followers when you respond to criticism.

9. Using Offensive Words

Many people believe that social media marketing mistakes like this help them connect with their audience. This is so untrue. Some individuals lack morality. 

If you want to use curse words, you can always do so in person. But refrain from using it on your social media profiles. Although you may interact with your customers, it will be hard to win their trust. An aggressive approach is often the source of foul language. 

Vulgar language is very violent, despite its use in humor. You can never run a successful social media marketing campaign with hostility.

10. Acting Like Bots

According to a HootSuite survey, customers who follow brands on social media and ask questions there demand a response. If you wish to answer them on social media, do it genuinely. Spam bots are already common on social media sites; you don’t need to sound like one.

Using stiff, robotic responses on social media is the easiest way to lose followers. Nonetheless, you may capture your fans’ hearts by acting like a human with feelings.

Final Thoughts

Mistakes are a part of every business and life as a whole. So, if your firm makes some of the social media marketing mistakes listed above, there is room for change. Remember that your content should be genuine, less salesy, and more audience-centered.

In conclusion, spend money on your website and be consistent. Also, do not adhere too closely to your social media calendar. Godspeed!



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