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How To Send Shopify Collaborator Request 


Having trouble creating, sending, or approving a Shopify collaborator request? This article is calmly prepared to solve such problems in the easiest way possible.

In order to allow an external body or agency access your Shopify store, you will need to send a Shopify collaborator request to them. Once they accept, you’re automatically granting them access to a specific section in your partner account to make significant changes to your website. 

So, granting someone access through your collaborator account will restrict their task. Also, it will stop them from poking around on your website.

This article will show you how to send a Shopify collaborator request, as well as approve one. But before we dive into that, let’s take a moment to understand what a collaborator account is.

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What Is A Collaborator Account?


A collaborator account is used by a store owner in Shopify. It provides access to the Shopify partners and allows them to carry out specific tasks in a store.

Its unique access allows Shopify partners to access the sections of a store that they need to perform their assigned tasks. The stores you access through a collaborator account are marked as Managed stores in your Partner Dashboard.

For instance, if you hire a designer or a marketer to help your store. You need to send a Shopify collaborator request to initiate a deal and give them access. Keep in mind that these collaborator accounts are not considered when estimating the staff limit of your Shopify store. 

In addition, a Shopify collaborator account establishes a slick working environment. If you work with freelancers, they may need your permission in your store without making them Shopify staff members.

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Wondering how to request collaborator access to Shopify? Keep reading!

How To Send A Shopify Collaborator Request To A Client


Are you an exceptional web designer? And have you wondered how you can use your unique web design skills to maintain and add value to your partner’s websites?

Shopify is an e-commerce forum that enables you to sell products through an online store. Also, Shopify allows experienced web designers to create Shopify stores for company owners who do not have the ability or talent to do so. 

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Do you desire to work as a Shopify client for a specific business? You are free to request collaborator access in Shopify from clients. The moment you send the collaborator request to Shopify, your client will get a notification. Then, he will grant you the permissions you need to carry out the task.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Shopify to send collaborator requests to a client.

First, you need a partner dashboard to be able to send a Shopify collaborator request to the client’s site. If you don’t have a partner account, create an account here by providing a few of your details. Congratulations! You are good to go!

Once your partner dashboard is set, it is easy to navigate through your partner account to initiate a Shopify collaborator request for a client. Follow the steps below to learn how to request collaborator access as a Shopify partner.

1. Log Into Your Shopify Partner Dashboard


2. Go To Stores

  • From the dashboard, click on the stores at the top left side of the Shopify partner window. 

3. Add Store

  • Click Add store

4. Select Managed Stores

  • In the store types, click managed stores at the right side of the window. 

5. Paste Store URL

  • Go to the store URL and enter the URL of the store you wish to gain access.
  • If it requires a code, ask your partner for the code.

6. Set Permissions

  • You can click Select all or check the box for certain permissions for different sections of the store that you need to perform your tasks. 
  • Most store owners won’t grant you access to all the stores.

7. Add Message

  • Add a message (optional). And click Save.

8. Pending Access

  • When a request is sent, the status will show Access pending

Once you send a Shopify collaborator request, a mail will be sent to your client for confirmation. When the confirmation is made, the task becomes validated and the status changes to Collaborator access.

To avoid unauthorized requests and access to your collaborator account, you can enable the collaborator sharing code on your partner account. Let us show you how to do that below.

How To Set Up A 4-Digit Collaborator Code

To activate the partner sharing code, do the following.


1. Go To Shopify Store

  • Click Store in your Shopify admin window.

2. Go To Settings

  • Click Settings to see user permissions.

3. Users And Permissions

  • Select the option for the collaborator request code

No need to worry. Sharing the code does not give access to your account. It only enables clients to send you a request, which you must approve.

How To Accept Shopify Collaborator Request from A Client?


You can readily accept a Shopify collaborator request and manage permissions from your Shopify admin dashboard. When a client requests to be a collaborator on your Shopify store, you’ll receive email information to approve the request. As you approve the request, the client is already a collaborator in your store.

How do you hire a Shopify expert from within your Shopify store? Adding collaborators to your Shopify store is a great way to initiate tasks and get assistance from other people. A lot of you build your website and eventually get stuck. Sometimes you need help, a few tweaks, or some adjustments. 

Perhaps, you don’t feel convinced that your website looks nice enough. You want to reach out to a client to enhance your website. Also, you can add more professional features and compete against the many websites on the market. You obviously will need a Shopify partner. 

Below, we will show you how to accept a Shopify collaborator request from a Shopify partner.

Whenever a Shopify partner requests to be added as a collaborator in your Shopify store. You will receive an email notification that needs your approval. By clicking on “approve request”, the client is added to your collaborator account.

To manage the permissions the collaborator needs, go to your Shopify store and click Admin. Select Settings and click Account to accept the request and review the collaborator’s permissions.

Final Thoughts

To add more features to your website, you need to grant access to a Shopify collaborator request from Shopify clients. Most Shopify stores will experience poor performance without access to a collaborator. 

In this article, we have walked you through all the steps on how you can send and accept a Shopify collaborator request from people to enhance your website. Feel free to share this article to help others manage their Shopify stores.



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