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How To Make $1000 A Month With Nike Affiliate Program


The Nike affiliate program is your best bet if you want to make $1000 monthly. In 2021, its revenue was $44.538 billion, making it one of the best global brands.  Nike’s value and appeal provide several options for affiliates to increase their earnings.

Hence, the Nike affiliate program is a great method to promote one of the most popular brands on the planet. The program allows you to promote items and earn a percentage on purchases. It is such a win-win! However, how do you go about this?

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Come along with us in this article, and we will teach you all you need to know.

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History Of Nike

Before now, the business was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. It was a modest Japanese running shoe distributor in the U.S. Then, it changed its name to Nike in 1971. The essence of this was to honor the Greek goddess of triumph.

Nike had speedy growth in the 1970s because of its creative marketing strategies. It debuted its first T.V. ad in 1978 with Steve Prefontaine, a famous athlete. In 1971, a graphic design student at Portland State University named Carolyn Davidson designed the iconic “swoosh” emblem for Nike.

She received only $35 at the time for the design. It started to broaden its product in the 1980s by providing basketball shoes and gear.


Furthermore, NBA player Michael Jordan agreed to a $200 million endorsement contract with Nike in 1984. This and their sponsorship of the Olympics increase their revenue in the 1990s. As a result, it was named the U.S. Olympic team’s official clothing and footwear provider in 1996.

With more than $30 billion in annual sales, Nike is now the top athletic brand worldwide. Not only that, it is the biggest athletic firm in the world and one of the most popular brands. It is renowned as a leader in the sports sector. Plus, it provides a referral program that allows participants free merchandise, discounts on purchases, and others.

How Does Nike Affiliate Program Works?

nike affiliate program

It is important to note that the Nike affiliate program does not exist in-house. This implies that you can only join the Nike affiliate program through networks. But, Nike provides a fair affiliate landing page where you can access the program’s details.

When you click the ‘Apply Now” button, you will receive a redirection to the Nike affiliate program. But this depends on your location (you may be directed to a different network).

You will be directed to the Nike affiliate program overview on the AWIN affiliate network when you click the “Apply Now” button (depending on your location, you may be taken to a different affiliate network). C.J. Affiliates is another location where you may sign up for the program. However, C.J. Affiliates’ program terms are too rigid than AWIN’s.

Ok, so here goes the reason.

The C.J. Affiliate program only has a 7-day cookie duration. On the other hand, the AWIN program has a 30-day referral period. Strangely, it contradicts the Nike affiliate landing page, which refers to the 30-day referral period.

As a result, we advise that you always start by going to the landing page and clicking the “Apply Now” option.

In this manner, the program terms should match. Then, you will be directed to the program summary on an affiliate network. If you go to Google and begin searching for the Nike affiliate program, you can discover it there. But, the program terms there might differ from those on C.J. Affiliate.

This is a reminder because the referral period’s length is necessary and since there are wide variations in commission.

Nike Products For Affiliates To Promote

When you apply for the Nike affiliate program, you can promote various items. These include the most well-liked goods like Nike Sneakers, apparel, and accessories. Other popular Nike shoe collections are the Air Jordan line, the Nike Air Max line, and the Nike SB line.

Also, it provides various apparel alternatives, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and coats. Last but not least, Nike sells other fashion accessories, such as backpacks, caps, and sunglasses.

Nike Affiliate Program Commission

The Nike affiliate program offers commissions of up to 11%. Now, this is fantastic! But you will only receive 7% if you are a member of the Amazon Associates program and advertise Nike goods on Amazon. If you drive visitors straight to Nike’s official website through the Nike affiliate program, you can earn a 4% higher compensation rate.

Although the 11% commission rate does not apply to all goods. You will always have a greater rate if you promote Nike through its affiliate program.

In addition, if you advertise Nike through C.J. Affiliates, you will have a shorter cookie period. And you will also have a much lower compensation rate.


Nike affiliates on C.J. Affiliates earn only 1% of each sale. It is fascinating to note that it works for many affiliates despite the appalling program conditions.

Therefore, affiliates that promote Nike through C.J. Affiliates can still earn money. The reason is that Nike is a great brand to promote since consumers enjoy and trust its products.

How To Make $1000 A Month With Nike Affiliate Program


After enrolling in the program. The next stage is determining which niche or product category to promote first. Select a category or sub-category from which you expect getting sales. Then, start including its banners or text links in your articles to generate traffic to it.

Many individuals believe that it is a get-rich-quick scheme.

But you must sit at the table, write on your blog, and bring traffic to it before you can earn from your sales. Does that sound easy? No, it’s not so simple.

Continue reading to discover the entire process.

1. Blog posts (SEO and Reviews)

Almost everyone has a blog. However, your blog’s niche must be directly or indirectly tied to sports, equipment, and product reviews to succeed in this. You must increase visitors to your website or blog using SEO. And you can attain this when you follow the steps below;

First, come up with some decent keyword suggestions. It should not be terms like “Nike Shoes” or “Best Nike T-Shirts” since they are very difficult for newbies to rank for. As a result, you have no choice but to target low-competition keywords. With little research, you will locate hundreds of low-competition keywords.

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As a pro tip, look for keywords that begin with “top,” “best,” and “reviews.” In this scenario, the term might be “best Nike shoes for outdoors,” You could then create insightful content around it because many individuals look for the best Nike sneakers for outdoor activities on a daily and weekly basis.

Also, you can include some of your favorite shoes along with your affiliate link in that article. So, anytime a visitor comes to read your post, he will read and determine which pair of shoes to buy. After that, you will receive a commission. Boom!

2. Review Videos (YouTube)

Are you getting tired of writing long and detailed articles for your blog? So, here’s another technique to promote yourself: YouTube videos.

Just create a YouTube channel and add videos related to your chosen niche. When you generate followers, publish videos promoting your items with affiliate links in the description. Creating a slideshow video with a 20-word explanation is not a brilliant idea.

Suppose you are sincere and want to generate money. In that case, you must create some professional videos in which you are sporting the item in question, whether it be shoes, a shirt, or any other sporting goods.


This is because people prefer seeing their favorite products in person. Also, they are eager to see how they seem in reality. This raises your likelihood of making sales as well.

So don’t be concerned if you buy a product and give it a review.

For instance, you buy a $150 item from the official Nike shop. While this price may seem high, it is an investment, and thus, it will enable you to make more money than this. Therefore, as soon as you receive the item, wear it, and record an H.D. video about it. Ensure to examine its features thoroughly.

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Then figure out its pros and cons before dishing out your view. Your conclusion should be somewhat valid so that visitors will buy it. However, you will likely receive more than this.

Assuming you received 2000 views for that video. Still, assume that, out of these 2000 people, 133 purchased via your affiliate link.

Therefore, based on the 11% commission rate, you would make 87 times 11% of $150. Or about $233, which is more than the price of the goods. In this manner, you receive far more than what you paid for and the goods in your hands.

Is The Nike Affiliate Program Worth It?

Without a doubt, the commission is vast. And the typical 30-day referral term is excellent for a company the size of Nike. But, the fact that this program faces stiff competition is its only drawback. Since so many affiliates promote Nike, it is hard to rank for keywords with high consumer intent.

But don’t let this deter you. Using the best strategy, you can make money by promoting Nike items.



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