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Practical Guide To Mobile Affiliate Marketing


Is the mobile affiliate marketing industry new to you? Then you should read this article!

Nobody is surprised that the mobile market is expanding at a lightning-fast rate. Worldwide, there are already over 2 billion smartphone users. Now, think about the massive sum of money that might be produced with these devices.

In this article, we will teach you the fundamentals of mobile affiliate marketing. Besides that, you’ll learn the steps to creating a mobile affiliate marketing strategy. 

Let’s dive in!

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What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing?


Mobile affiliate marketing ensures that the marketing content you provide is responsive. And it ensures the content works on small phone screens, computers, and televisions. Mobile affiliate marketing directs potential buyers to vendors’ websites. And the distinctive features of smartphones and tablets enable this.

Affiliate marketing for mobile apps has similar goals as traditional affiliate marketing. But some of its tactics are different. This is because of technological differences. 

Before smartphones, mobile affiliate marketing involved texting prospective clients. You needed to have a list of contact numbers for this. But it reduces your audience to people who have shown interest in your item.

Also, it limited your audience to those familiar with how to use their phones. Young people that did tend to be tech-savvy. Professionals used their phones for work, and few people for calls. And the last set of people? They used their phones sometimes, maybe in times of emergencies.

The narrative changed when smartphones became commonplace. Gen Z came to see the benefits of taking a tiny mobile computer with them. And the least tech-savvy person could use them easily because of their touchscreens.

Thus, it became a great opportunity as marketers discovered they were no more limited to SMS. Instead, businesses could make their marketing even more engaging. Now, they do this by leveraging mobile apps and social media. And convey the same content on smartphones as they did on their websites. 

Affiliate marketers now realize their effectiveness at reaching potential clients via phones.

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Affiliate Marketing?


About mobile affiliate marketing, there are a lot of advantages to consider. The first perk is that you can do it anywhere. It implies that you may promote to clients wherever you find yourself. Be it in your bedroom, a park, the beach, or even other places around the globe. 

Since mobile devices are always on, they may access clients anytime. Plus, customers find mobile affiliate marketing convenient. They may use any device, such as PCs, tablets, and phones, to access your mobile affiliate program.

Using statistics is the most apparent reason to adopt affiliate mobile marketing. Why wouldn’t you customize marketing to their needs when many use mobile to access the net? Make sure that any website that sells affiliate products is responsive and mobile-friendly. 

Google has favored responsive and mobile-friendly websites in its rankings for many years. By Global Statshot Report, there are 5.32 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide. This is nearly 67% of the world’s population. Now, 5 billion of them access the web through their phones. 

Mobile Affiliate Networks

As we stated in our affiliate marketing guide, there are four major participants in mobile affiliate marketing. We have;

  • The affiliates: those who promote the item
  • The sellers: those who produced or are selling the item
  • The consumers: the people who the products are made for
  • The affiliate networks: networks managing affiliates

Affiliate networks create a list of items from merchants wishing to sell their goods. Then, interested affiliates review the catalog and choose the items to promote. Affiliates, in this model, work through affiliate networks rather than retailers.

Mobile affiliate networks collaborate with affiliates using mobile as their major sales channel. As a result, the goods in their catalog are ideal for mobile advertising. Mobile affiliate networks stand as an intermediary for mobile marketers and mobile-enabled affiliates.

What Are Some Mobile Marketing Channels?


Do you think SMS is similar to modern mobile affiliate marketing? Then, you’re mistaken!

Yes, SMS messages are still in use. But mobile affiliate marketing is beyond bombarding people with text SMS. So, let’s go over the two primary channels you may use:

  • Free – You take social media traffic and direct it to a mobile-optimized affiliate offer.
  • Paid – You pay specific social media platforms to direct traffic to your affiliate offers.

While it is possible to monetize free traffic, social media networks now want payment. On the other hand, sponsored mobile channels are more perplexing for affiliate marketers. 

So, let’s take a look at a handful of these mobile ad types:

1. In-App Adverts

These advertisements appear in-game or underneath some of your favorite mobile games. For up to 30 seconds, they take over the entire screen before disappearing. With this kind of advert, affiliates receive compensation on a two-tier basis.

They can earn a few cents for a displayed advertisement. However, you’ll earn more if the smartphone or tablet user installs the mobile apps.

2. Mobile Web Adverts

In addition to mobile apps, mobile websites may also display advertisements. These may either be responsive web pages or mobile versions of desktop websites. Also, ads can be in the form of text, graphics, or even videos. 

What counts is that the advertisement itself is;

  • Optimized for mobile screens.
  • It is visible to mobile users.
  • Redirects visitors to mobile-specific landing pages.

Of course, Google dominates the market for mobile advertising. However, Millennial Media and InMobi are two of the other leading competitors.

3. Social Media Adverts

This “sponsored” post type may have caught your attention on Instagram in the past few years. These are Instagram advertising, comparable to a Facebook “Boosted post.” However, they give mobile affiliate marketers more channels for promoting mobile offerings.

The field of mobile affiliate marketing has many strategies, ad formats, and platforms.

For instance, ad networks like Outbrain and Taboola are available for content discovery. Need to know what they look like? These kinds of advertisements are fairly common right now. 

This is why many marketers share a part of their ad budget with content discovery networks.

Mobile Affiliate Marketing Strategy


So, how can one do mobile affiliate marketing? In short, you must mobile-optimize your website. Do the same for your email marketing and advertising. With our practical strategy, you may successfully create your affiliate marketing channels for a mobile audience.

Step One: What’s Your Why?

Why is a mobile affiliate marketing strategy necessary? Do you see a rise in mobile traffic to your affiliate website? Do affiliate offers perform better on social media platforms than on websites?

What else are you hoping to accomplish by mobile-optimizing your affiliate offer? It is common knowledge that the goal of every affiliate marketer is to increase income. But what else is your aim? 

Step Two: Map The Customer’s Journey

Now is the moment to start if you still need to. An overview of the client’s journey shows the factors influencing their interest in the affiliate offer. It enables affiliate marketers to increase conversion rates. Besides, they can improve audience interactions.

  • Analyze how people find your website, social media profile, and course. Sketch what you think the customer journey looks like right now.
  • List every touchpoint that a customer has with your business. Also, figure out where they may do so.
  • Think about the things the target audience will look into before buying.
  • Finally, choose the method a person will use to perform the desired conversion activity or transaction.

You may focus on creating the proper channels. Plus, you could promote the ideal content in the mobile affiliate marketing mix. Whatever the case, sketching out the customer journey will be effective.

Step Three: Optimize Website For Mobile


Regarding total content consumption, mobile devices have long exceeded desktops. Most people now consume web material on their phones. The audience is more likely to access your content on their phones.


Responsiveness is an essential factor when presenting content on a mobile screen. The words responsive mobile and mobile-friendly design sometimes need to be understood. Even though they sound identical, their appearance is different on smartphones.

The mobile-friendly design adjusts the width of the webpage to fit your device. Thus, it results in difficult-to-read text and difficult-to-tap buttons. Also, it causes a terrible surfing experience. 

A mobile responsive strategy entails creating many versions of the website layout. These versions will come with different screen sizes in mind. The smaller screen layout has fewer graphics. Also, it comprises centered information, bigger typography, and larger button sizes. 

When a visitor joins your site, the layout corresponding to his screen size will show. This optimizes the surfing experience regardless of the screen size on which the content is displayed. 


Loading time is another crucial part of any website’s performance. This is so critical in that mobile internet connections are often slow. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve website loading speeds.

We won’t go through them here, but we suggest you discuss them with your site developer. Google has created a valuable tool for testing the loading time of your mobile web pages and seeing improvement advice.

So, consider if it will look nice when creating a website, blog, or email template. Also, see if it is easy to use on a vast computer screen or a small smartphone screen.

Step Four: Compose Emails That Look Good On Mobile

When drafting an email for mobile devices, bear these in mind:

  • Small mobile screens need larger text sizes than those on desktops. A good average for the main body is 16px.
  • Less text fits on a line since the text is bigger and the screen is smaller. Keep them brief. This is especially important for your themes and titles.
  • Mobile devices are often used while people are on the move. So, use concise, simple phrases and clear paragraphs to benefit your readers.
  • Many people don’t read emails that take time to load. So, keep your beautiful, high-quality pictures on your desktop. 
  • Some email customers are set up never to display photos. Therefore, if your images include vital messages, state them in your text.
  • Always test your emails on several platforms.

Step 5: Build Your Social Media Channels

If you’ve not used social media for your mobile affiliate marketing strategy, you’re doing it wrong. One benefits of social media marketing include strengthening your brand. Also, it boosts conversions and sales and engages the audience.

This includes running social media advertisements, connecting with your fans, and optimizing and sharing your content on social media.

We’ve put in a lot of effort to assist affiliates in grasping various social media platforms. Hence, we shared the most effective methods in our blog entries. The following articles will teach you how to advertise your firm on social media platforms:

Step 6: Customize Ads For Mobile Users

Your sponsored advertising can benefit from the same site and email optimization strategies. So you must grab their attention effectively. Do this by including text in your photographs. But it should be clear, legible, and concise. ‘Less is more!’ This should be your guiding philosophy in this situation.

Shorten your headlines. While scrolling through an advert, a person can only read part of the piece of content.

But they can read a brief, compelling headline that could catch their eye. Most times, mobile-specific ad formats are available on Facebook and other platforms for paid advertisements. 

In addition, the carousel format is a good illustration. Though it is accessible for desktop and mobile devices, it performs far better on mobile devices.

Finally, keep your desktop and mobile ad campaigns separate. With this, you will understand what influences higher conversions.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! You now know everything about mobile affiliate marketing.  So why are you still waiting? Why not begin your initial mobile affiliate program right away?



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