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How To Create A Killer Facebook Business Page In 5 Steps


With so many options available, creating a Facebook Business Page might feel like preparing to launch a rocket ship into space.

However, having a presence on Facebook is a brilliant idea if you want to do business online.

It’s more of a must. It is the most popular social network, with 2.45 billion monthly members and 1.62 billion daily users.

Nonetheless, as Facebook has risen in popularity, so has the depth of its features.

Don’t spend another day snooping on Facebook to find out what’s happening. This post will teach you all you need to know to set up your Facebook Business Page like a social media marketing master.

But first, before we begin:

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What Is A Facebook Business Page?


A Facebook business page is a public account made by firms, groups, celebrities, and anyone who wants to advertise publicly on social media.

A Facebook business page functions similarly to personal profiles, except that they have “fans” rather than “friends.” These sites are widely accessible online and often post status updates, links, events, images, and videos to their followers’ news feed and walls.

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A Facebook business page allows companies and other groups to communicate with target users rather than merely promote them. They also serve as an important information center for the page’s owner.

How To Create A Killer Facebook Business Page


Open A Facebook Business Page Account

Click this link or go to “” to get started.

Facebook offers you two alternatives for Pages:

  • Company or brand.
  • Public or community figure.

Then, select ‘business or brand.’ And you are good to go!

Next, you must enter the basic information about your company or brand:

  • Page Title.
  • Category.
  • Address.

Make every effort to choose the category that best fits your company. Now, you can include your company’s phone number if you like. Also, you may choose to hide the address from Facebook users.

After that, select “Continue.”

Enter Your Business Image


Next, Facebook will request that you add a profile photo. Most companies use their logo as their profile picture. Consider using the same profile photo across all your business’s social media accounts if you want to maintain consistency in your online presence.


For a cover photo, select a picture that reflects the goal or topic of your page. You should see these pictures fill the Page creator’s right side. This will occur after clicking Save.

Input A Username


Following the last step, Facebook should take you to the Business Page dashboard, where you may control all other facets of your Page. Maintain patience because this interface might feel overwhelming. Select a username for your Page right away.

A username makes it easier for users to locate your Page in searches and tags it when they post about your business. Your Facebook Business Page URL also contains your username.

To add a CTA to your Page, click + Add Action Button. When someone visits your Facebook Business Page, that’s the action you want them to take. Facebook has more than ten distinct CTAs.

And they range from Learn More to Contact Us to Shop Now. Besides that, some of them let you enter your URL, which will help drive traffic.

Include Additional Information

Locate “About” in the menu on the left and click it. Here, you will provide details that enlighten readers about your company, such as contact information and your menu or items. Enter all relevant information, including your website, business hours, and contact details.


Given Facebook’s domain authority, it’s not uncommon for a Facebook business page to rank better in organic search than its website. With this in mind, it’s best to complete all necessary information. This is because it could serve as a prospective customer’s initial introduction to your company.  

Study The Page Settings

Click Settings in the left-hand menu at the bottom. More specific categories will appear in the menu on the left, and an interface on the right will offer an infinite number of alternatives.

Scan these options to familiarize yourself with what they could update or modify for your Page. However, let’s break down a few key settings.

General > others tagging this page: Check this so others can share your Facebook business page.

General > similar page suggestion: To have Facebook suggest your Page to new fans and followers, check this out.

Furthermore, choose when and how you want to get Page alerts in this section under the notifications setting. Choose a timeframe that works with your schedule for social media marketing. 

Page Roles: Although you’ll serve as the Page’s primary manager, other employees at your company could require access to your Facebook Page. Here, you may ask other team members to edit your Pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are the common questions people ask concerning Facebook business Page.


Can I Use My Personal Facebook Account for Business?

Several businesses use personal Facebook profiles for their brands rather than a Facebook Business Page.

It’s a terrible concept. You’ll lose out on several content development tools, statistics, and paid promotional options if you create a personal page instead of a Facebook Business Page.

Furthermore, to interact with your brand, consumers must send you a friend request. Also, you don’t want to make it harder for your consumers to interact with you on social media.

So, take advantage of the potential of Facebook Business Pages.

How Do I Turn My Facebook Profile Into a Business Page?

Facebook simplifies building a new Business Page based on your profile.

After that, you’ll have a profile and a Page.

Your information, profile photo, and cover image will be copied to Facebook. Moreover, you may choose which friends, followers, images, and videos to move to your new Facebook Business Page.

In addition, converting a verified profile will likewise transfer the verified status to your new page. The most significant disadvantage is that any video views or other data won’t move to your new Facebook Business Page; they will stay with your profile.

  • Go to “” to change your profile to a Facebook business page.
  • Then, adhere to the on-screen directions by clicking “Get Started.”
  • Once the conversion procedure is complete, your new Facebook Business Page will be launched!

Please take note you must add additional administrators if you are already in charge of any other Facebook Pages or groups. This is only to ensure that such pages and groups won’t be without an administrator if anything goes wrong with the conversion of the profile to the business page.

Visit the help section for further details on changing a profile into a Facebook business page.

What Does It Cost to Have a Facebook Business Page?

Regardless of how many fans or followers you have, you can create and use a Facebook Business Page for free, just as you can with Facebook profiles and groups. The organic features of your Facebook Business Page are still free to use, even if you spend money on Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, adding a shop to your profile on Facebook is completely free! So why is there no fee to create a Facebook Business Page? It is free!

Who Can Manage My Business Presence?

You may invite individuals you trust to administer your new Page on Facebook. Sharing admin access on old Pages is comparable to this.

You may also assign individual tasks to administer your new Page using products like Ads Manager, Meta Business Suite, and Creator Studio. Posting Page jobs on traditional Pages, such as editor, moderator, advertiser, and analyst, is comparable. Discover how to provide task access to your new Page.



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