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The Ultimate Guide To CJ Affiliate


One of the most extensive affiliate networks on the Internet is CJ Affiliate. Over 10,000 merchants (referred to as “Advertisers”) participate in it. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of goods you may advertise on your website in return for commissions.

In this CJ Affiliate review, you’ll understand:

  • How CJ Affiliate functions.
  • How to make money.
  • How to become an affiliate with CJ.
  • CJ Affiliate’s pros and cons.

But if you’re not too familiar with affiliate marketing, read this detailed Guide. Let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

What Is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate was formerly called “Commission Junction.” It is an affiliate marketplace where eCommerce companies explore various items for advertising and growing their business. Vendors on CJ Affiliate frequently strive to differentiate themselves from their competition; hence, they broaden their offerings and create good prices.

The CJ Affiliate platform works with publishers to attract customers through various websites, social media, mail, and more. And they include marketers who may expand specific items, activities, and services.

How Does CJ Affiliate Work?


After signing up as an affiliate with CJ, go to your dashboard and search for advertisers. The easiest strategy to locate one is to look for who is relevant to your website. When you click on ‘get links,’ you will receive a page with numerous categories that will assist you in identifying the best Advertiser for your site.

Also, you might take an alternative by looking for advertisers based on the location you want to reach. Though, many marketers accept affiliate sales from a global audience. So, this strategy is not mandatory. So, after identifying sponsors you’re interested in, apply for the affiliate program in question. 

Note that if you are a newbie affiliate with CJ, many marketers will know that you’re new to the process and may reject you. However, you can resolve this issue by reaching them via the email you see on their advertiser profile. Then, contact them sincerity, convincing them that you are the appropriate person to promote their goods. 

After applying for numerous advertiser offers, you return to your dashboard and click on review. Here, you’ll see if your request is still pending, denied, or approved.

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How To Use CJ Affiliate To Create An Income


You must be an affiliate publisher to earn money with CJ. This indicates that you are the website owner where you promote goods and drive visitors to deals.

1. Blogging

The most efficient approach to increase sales is to embed affiliate links into articles.

Why is this method so effective?

You establish a relationship with your audience when you consistently post quality content, and this fosters trust. And viewers are more inclined to purchase affiliate items from people they know and trust. Trust is a rare commodity. And it would help if you safeguard it.

There’s another reason why blogging is a good affiliate marketing strategy. An affiliate link has context when it is included in a blog article. And when an affiliate link is used in context, it does not appear ‘salesy.’ People despise being marketed to. They do, however, appreciate recommendations. — particularly from someone they trust and who has utilized the item.

2. PPC Ads

Paid advertising is another excellent strategy to promote your affiliate link and is the most effective paid advertising method for affiliate marketing. You don’t pay for engagements (i.e. when someone views your ad), but only when they click on it.

The benefit of paid ads is that you know exactly how much each click costs you. Once you add it to your earnings per click (EPC), you may calculate your profit margin. That means you may continue to fine-tune your marketing strategies to maximize revenues. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are both excellent venues for PPC advertising.

However, first, verify the conditions of your Commission Junction Affiliate Advertiser. Check to see if they accept sponsored advertising and, if so, what the terms are.

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3. Social Media

Affiliate promotional strategy on social media may also be quite beneficial. However, like with paid advertising, verify the terms of service of your Advertiser first. Check to see if they permit social media marketing. And if they do, check their limit. 

Whether you operate a social media management firm, advertise for clients, or perform affiliate marketing as a lone marketer, you must check your advertising guidelines with the company that owns the product or service.

How To Become An Affiliate With CJ

To become an affiliate with CJ, simply go to and join as a publisher. Fill in the necessary details, including your email address and language. After hitting the ‘Next’ option, go to the ‘Publisher Sign Up Form.’ Now, you can start promoting your affiliate links!

However, anyone who wishes to join CJ Affiliate must be 18 years and above. 

How To Use CJ Affiliate Program


To use the CJ affiliate program, you must first evaluate the program’s accessible affiliate links. 

Since Advanced link types are more difficult for advertisers to develop, most businesses do not provide them. Advanced links often take the form of interactive search boxes.

The text links are merely web addresses that lead to various web pages on the business’s website. This may be for certain goods, a website with discounts, etc. Often, you’ll use this or hyperlink text to promote on your social networking site.

3. Banner Images

Although they may resemble the advanced box described above, banners are images that cannot be searched or typed into. Using banners, you may add a visually appealing advertisement for a company’s goods, services, and promotions to your website.

What are CJ Affiliate’s Payment Methods?


Regarding payment structure, the Commission Junction affiliate provides Net-20 terms. This signifies that payment will be made within 20 days after the month’s end. Also, note that CJ does not accept PayPal as payment.

Paper checks, direct deposits, and Payoneer are acceptable payment methods. Payoneer is a good payment method because it spans more regions than the other two alternatives. Furthermore, their website lists supported currencies for direct bank deposits and check payments.

There are no set rates for the various plans, and all marketers are encouraged to contact sales staff for a more accurate quote.

CJ Affiliate Pros And Cons

CJ Affiliate program offers a lot of perks. But it doesn’t mean that it has no flaws. Let’s go over some of the primary benefits and drawbacks of the CJ Affiliate program.

Pros Of CJ Affiliate

  • Multiple products.
  • User-friendly.
  • Free of scam.
  • Worldwide availability.
  • Affiliate promotion alternatives.
  • Customization options.
  • Timely payments.

Cons Of CJ Affiliate

  • It is difficult to locate items in the same niches.
  • The affiliate program filtration method is ineffective.
  • There are fewer payment options.
  • Advertisers have commission control (it is not automated).
  • CJ Affiliate commission percentage is low.
  • Inadequate Customer Service.

Is Commission Junction Affiliate Legit?

Commission Junction Affiliate has been assisting publishers and marketers in making money online via affiliate programs for many years. For sure, it is a fully legitimate and rewarding way to make money online, and it’s a fantastic affiliate network.

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