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20 Best Affiliate Tracking Software For Stripe


If you’ve been scouring affiliate software for Stripe, you’re undoubtedly unaware of the many platforms available. For this reason, we’ll walk you through the best 20 stripe affiliate tracking software. 

But before we continue, let’s examine the essential features needed in each software.

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Features of Affiliate Tracking Software For Stripe

A good Stripe affiliate tracking software helps launch and manage your affiliate programs. It offers all the necessary features. And it allows you to precisely track your affiliates’ activities. The following are critical features of the best Stripe affiliate tracking software.

  • Affiliate Dashboard – A dashboard that allows affiliate marketers to view their progress and rewards.
  • Referral Tracking Dashboard – A dashboard where the merchants’ track affiliate KPIs and analytics. 
  • Commission Models – A tool that enables businesses to design unique payment schemes for specific affiliates. 
  • Affiliates Marketplace – A tool that helps businesses find the right affiliates. 
  • Payout Automation – This feature helps in setting payout dates.
  • Fraud Prevention And Detection – Helps to avoid affiliate fraud by detecting dubious conversion rates. Also, it automatically fishes out unethical practices.
  • Chat Feature – Tools like email automation will aid communication between businesses and affiliates. 
  • Creative Assets Upload – This allows businesses to distribute images and videos with affiliates. So, they can upload it on their social media pages. 
  • Real-time Reporting – Features that allow for one-click data analysis. Also, generates reports through the use of numerous filters.

Having learned that, let’s get down to business. Shall we? 

Top 20 Affiliate Tracking Software For Stripe


Here’s a quick summary of each of the top affiliate tracking software for Stripe. It includes their notable description and screenshots of the user interface.

1. Affiliate Tracking Software For Stripe: Metricks


Regarding launching and tracking affiliate programs, Metricks is one of the best affiliate tracking software for Stripe. This software is purposely built for managing an infinite number of affiliates. 

Its smooth integration works with all the most popular eCommerce platforms and plugins. Also, it integrates perfectly with Stripe. 

In addition, you will be able to share commissions with the right affiliates. Metricks goes well beyond affiliate tracking software for Stripe. As it enables you to harness the advantages of the payment gateway.

Furthermore, it allows agencies to improve performance by implementing special conversion rates, profit margins, and offers.

Do you already have a tracking solution? Worry not! Our seamless migration feature has got you covered. 

2. PartnerStack


PartnerStack affiliate tracking software for Stripe is designed for Saas companies. You can find and connect with the right affiliates in its marketplace. What’s more? PartnerStack allows you to customize referral links that match your business identity. For example, it will feature your brand or social media name.

With PartnerStack, you can automatically create onboard affiliates. And these affiliates will access the necessary promotional tools to increase their success possibilities. Lastly, it sends out payout reminders to users. 

3. GrowSurf


GrowSurf’s primary goal is to transform your consumers into the most potent sales associates. It enables you to award affiliates who suggest new clients. Thereby assisting you in growing your business.

GrowthSurf provides two options. And they are; an accomplished solution in which its developers create a custom application for you. Or a self-service software that offers an off-the-shelf solution. 

GrowSurf is industry-specific. Hence, it provides personalized guidance for B2B SaaS, B2C subscriptions, financial services, online education, and online insurance.

4. Kartra


This platform is a one-stop-shop for marketers. The reason is that it provides campaign management. Not only that, it allows for webpage creation, email marketing, affiliate management, etc.

You may construct a sign-up questionnaire for onboarding affiliates. And can as well set commission rates and payment choices. Also, one can track the performance of each partner in real-time.

5. Tune


TUNE is a cloud-based platform for managing customer relations. It works across digital channels and for small to large enterprises. Tune includes features like fraud prevention, payment processing, and customizable branding. Others are campaign management and reporting.  

This Stripe affiliate tracking software helps to promote brands. In addition, it targets people via mobile or online partners and tracks campaign results in real-time. 

6. LinkMink


LinkMink helps you to develop a world-class affiliate program. It primarily focuses on Stripe affiliate marketing. Besides that, it integrates directly with your Stripe account to manage affiliate payouts. LinkMink tracks referrals, calculate commissions and pays your affiliates. It is helpful for stores that depend on Stripe rather than Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or other e-commerce apps. 

Also, read the differences between Wix vs. Shopify

7. Voluum


Voluum simplifies the tracking, optimization, and automation of ad campaigns. This Stripe affiliate tracking software allows you to quickly maximize your ROI. And it improves the performance of your advertisement. 

Voluum comprises pre-designed templates for various ad forms. These include display banners, email advertisements, native ads, social ads, video ads, and pop-ups. Then it allows you to perform A/B tests automatically. 

8. Rewardful


Rewardful is a Stripe-powered affiliate and referral Program. It tracks commission, referrals, and discounts. This platform makes it easy to set up affiliate networks. Also, it enables reporting and analytics, allowing them to monitor statistics. Such statistics include clicks and visits, conversions, commissions, income, and net revenue. 

Rewardful enables users to interact with customers and affiliates. This feature helps them spread the word about their brands effectively.

9. SamCart


SamCart is yet another Stripe affiliate tracking software. It includes an affiliate centre where retailers can design sign-up forms. Also, they can customize affiliate information. The dashboard has all the tools you need to create your affiliate registration page. With SamCart, you can configure approvals and affiliate links. 

A few features of SamCart are compensation rates, cookie expiration, and payout periods. In many aspects, it is similar to ThriveCart. However, it does not provide affiliates tracking IDs when they sign up. 

10. Clickmagick


Clickmagick is another ad performance reporting tool. It helps you focus your efforts and resources on where you’ll get the most profitable traffic. Plus, you can add sub-IDs to each link. This will track the IP address of every external click on your website. 

Furthermore, its cross-device monitoring capability can track visitor activity across several devices. And this may help to enhance your product copy and landing pages. Also, it features an anti-fraud system, and Clickmagick shields your affiliate program against bot activities.

11. LeadDyno


Like Metricks, LeadDyno has a vast number of integrations. Making it an excellent Stripe affiliate tracking software. However, the effectiveness of its operation is quite challenging to monitor. They have an odd tracking system on their portal. They monitor all affiliates, total visits, sign-ups, and paid conversions

Though, it doesn’t track the visitors, sign-ups, and paid conversions that originate from affiliates (which is obviously what you need to track). As a result, the tracking is ineffective at best and purposely deceptive at worst.

12. WeCanTrack


WeCanTrack helps affiliate publishers scale up. It integrates all affiliate conversions and traffic data into one advanced dashboard. Also, it integrates marketing software, allowing them to focus on promoting and optimizing marketing results. 

With the platform, you can monitor business traffic. Not only that, you can track conversions from various sources. And these are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Google analytics, etc. 

13. OSI Affiliate


OSI Affiliate software for Stripe is primarily concerned with converting consumers into brand ambassadors. So, they will advertise your brand on social media platforms.

Then they receive a commission on each sale they make. This Stripe affiliate tracking software integrates with Paypal, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. 

14. Scaleo


Scaleo comprises one of the most comprehensive features for affiliate tracking. It tracks clicks, impressions, and promo codes. You can even migrate from an affiliate tracking software without paying a dime. And like every other affiliate tracking software for Stripe, Scaleo enables you to customize your dashboard.

15. Tapfiliate


Tapfiliate enables you to manage your affiliate marketing program. This can be done across many platforms and payment sources. Connect directly to your Stripe account. Or connect through e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and others.

With email and social media automation, you can quickly provide your affiliates with the tools they need to create sales while keeping track of commissions.

16. Peerclick


Peerclick focuses on high analytics. It processes over 1 billion clicks per account each day. Thus, vendors may track over 40 data factors in real-time. And this includes their income, costs, and conversions. Similarly, the affiliate dashboard gives statistical data on offers, traffic, and payments. 

In addition to combating bots and other unauthorized activities, the platform protects landing pages. It secures your website from spyware parser programs. And it validates the IP address of the user who visited your website via the referral link.

17. Refersion


Refersion is a platform for affiliate marketing. It helps to set up your affiliate program in six minutes or less. This Stripe affiliate tracking software enhances your marketing swiftly. Not just that, it’s a highly customizable platform. And it helps define key performance metrics while you follow them thoroughly.

Refersion links to your online store and allows you to administer all aspects of your program from a single location. Also, it offers information to help you improve your program. As a result, it increases growth and boosts income. 

18. eLitius


eLitius is a well-known open-source affiliate network that can be integrated with Stripe, Magento, and other eCommerce platforms. It provides an admin panel that allows you to manage your affiliates. Also, you can add and manage an infinite number of affiliates. Besides that, it tracks the progress of each affiliate’s sales and commissions. 

Meanwhile, its user interface makes it easy for your affiliates to access the tools they need to market your business. Aside from that, it offers reporting tools for measuring metrics.

19. FirstPromoter


FirstPromoter is mainly designed for subscription-based affiliate networks and SaaS enterprises. Set up your Stripe affiliate marketing with its simple integration. It makes it easy for you to handle recurring and one-time transaction upgrades, cancellations, and reimbursements.

It’s a versatile alternative for SaaS businesses. Also, it’s best suited for retailers that sell subscription-based items. It provides automatic PayPal payout with one click.

20. PayKickstart


PayKickstart has increasingly become famous over the years. This is because its features cater to consultants, agencies, and those who need an affiliate tracking Software for Stripe. It tracks commission and improves client retention

PayKickstart can run real-time competition between affiliates. This is to increase sales and motivate your network when you launch a new service or product. An easy-to-use affiliate dashboard allows affiliates to easily manage their payment information. 

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Tracking Software For Stripe

Undoubtedly, the superior features of Stripe affiliate software are a key factor driving the growth of online businesses.

Therefore, choosing the best software that’ll meet your brand’s demands is essential. However, for your convenience, we’ve garnered a list of 20 affiliate tracking software for Stripe. Hence, spend your time considering which one will help you make a significant profit.

Meanwhile, take advantage of Metricks’ affiliate marketing software to help you skyrocket your eCommerce and Saas business.



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